Neck and Shoulder Pain Update

Neck and Shoulder Pain Update

This will be an update to the post I wrote on August 8th Neck and Shoulder Pain

As I mentioned in that post I got to thinking that possibly I had torn  a rotator cuff, the pain has persisted for three days so, I made an appointment with the orthopedic specialist to get it checked out.

Doctor Appointment

My appointment was scheduled for Friday August 11 2017, when I arrived of course we had to do the usual, fill out all of that paper work again. Get the vital signs, you know blood pressure, (of course it was elevated due to the pain) it seems doctors would understand that, and then weight and height.

I was called back for the consultation and the doctor asked a few questions joked about me hurting the other arm as I had already had surgery on the right shoulder. He moved my arm around to check range of motion and found it limited.

He then ordered an xray which fortunately was done in the same office. After he read the results of the xray he said that there were no obvious signs of arthritis or broken bones, so he thought it might be bursitis or tendinitis it’s hard to tell with just an xray; he then suggested a cortisone shot. His nurse came in and prepared me for the shot then he came back and administered it.

He said if it didn’t clear up in a month we would do an MRI which would give us a better chance to see if there was a tear. After checkout I made an appointment for September 11th in case the shot didn’t work.

Man getting a shot in the shoulder

Man getting a shot in the shoulder

Results of the Shot

Ok it’s been 4 days since I received the cortisone shot, and the pain in my neck that I have been suffering with for almost 2 years is all but gone. The shoulder on the other hand is still hurting although not as much. I guess I will wait and see if anything improves over the next month and decide whether to keep the appointment for the MRI.

So after trying all of the complementary and alternative treatments it comes down to using the conventional method of treatment. Sometime you just have to accept the fact that something is wrong that your body cannot heal by itself.

I will post an update after the next appointment of before if the pain goes away.



Pierre Schexneider


  1. I’ve been suffering for over 2 years with shoulder pain due to a torn rotator cuff and am waiting to start physio on it shortly to try and get a better range of movement back so I literally feel your pain 😉

    • Hi Del,
      Thank you for the comment, If you read my first post on the subject you realize that i too have been suffering for about 2 years but my pain was presenting in the neck, after many visits to the chiropractor, massage therapist, and acupuncturist I decided to try the conventional approach. I wish you much success with the physio and keep me informed on your progress.

  2. You’re so brave! Suffering for 2 years from a neck pain.
    When I had my child I suffered from a really bad back pain for few hours… I can’t even imagine how it’s to suffer for days… months and even a year.

    You are a true Superman!!

    Thanks for sharing

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