Relief for Joint Pain

Relief for Joint Pain

Joint pain is something that everyone will experience at some time during their life. If I had know I would live this long I would have taken better care of my body. If your joints are inflamed or swollen it’s best to give them a rest, don’t put more stress on them, but after a few days you need to get moving or the muscles and joints will atrophy.

Exercise Your Way to Pain Relief and Good Health

I know you’re thinking what the hell; I’m in pain and you want me to exercise! you must be crazy, but hear me out.  Exercise is the essential component to a healthy body. It keeps our muscles strong to support our joints, our heart and lungs fit, and gives our mind a chance for a little time out. If you think that getting physically fit means spending hours in the gym  working out everyday, forget it. Exercise can be a low impact, enjoyable addition to your routine. Just a little more movement then you are used to can go a long way, start out slowly and low impact then gradually increase the momentum, walk faster, add more weight or more reps if you are doing strength training, every little bit helps.

Side leg raises

Side Leg Raises

Just Get Moving

Movement gets the joints and muscles limber, allowing for more range of motion, more agility, better balance and more support for weak joints.
Start off with things as simple as an hour long walk 3-4 times a week this will improve fitness. If you already exercise moderately look at ways that you can bring a little extra into your workouts. Perhaps you could walk a little faster and cover more ground in the same time, or change your route regularly to included some sloped terrain. You could even add a nature walk somewhere that you haven’t been and explore a little.

Exercise in a group or take up a sport that involves interaction with other people, this can keep you motivated. Try a new way to exercise if you have lost your motivation a little. Doing the same thing for long periods of time is not the optimal choice for fitness.

moderate excersises

Moderate Exercises

Exercising in Inclement Weather

But you say, I live in an area where we have a lot of inclement weather it’s cold snowing or raining 9 months out of the year. We have an indoor walking track at the gym where I workout, senior citizens get a discount, we only pay $10.00 USD per month for use of all the facilities, but the walking track is free. Check out the facilities in your area you may be surprised at what’s available.

We only get one body and it takes a lot of punishment in a lifetime, so the better you care for it, the kinder it will be to you.

Pierre Schexneider M.Ed.