Review of the DeepHeat Far Infrared Heating Pad

Review of DeepHeat Far Infrared

Far Infrared heating pads are so effective in relieving pain, increasing blood flow and fast healing that Athletic and Sports Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors recommend this treatment for their patients.

If you suffer from any of the following ailments; back pain, sciatic pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, and just about every other type of pain imaginable, you too can benefit from Far Infrared Deep Heat Therapy.

What is Far Infrared Heat?

When you are launching in the sun the warmth you feel is from the far infrared rays, they literally penetrate deep right down to your bones making you feel good all over. Although totally invisible to the naked eye these waves of energy are capable of gently activating major bodily functions by elevating the body’s surface temperature.

Are Far Infrared Rays Safe?

But wait a minute you say, are these far infrared rays safe? The rays we are speaking of are not the ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer or sunburn. They are a 100% safe form of light energy that heats the surrounding area instead of the object directly. Far Infrared is so safe in fact that it is used in the Neonatal care unit of hospitals. NASA even uses it cardiovascular conditioning in astronauts because of the increase in blood flow.

All Far Infrared Heating Pads are not Created Equal.

Not just any far infrared heating pad will do though, you see some pads put pressure directly on the spine causing discomfort, the DeepHeat pad eliminates this problem with a specially designed comfort channel.


  • Two versions of the DeepHeat pad have multiple Velcro straps to keep them in place.
  • One DeepHeat model has cutouts built in to help eliminate the escaping heat.
  • DeepHeat pad have strategically placed heating stones target hard to reach knotted muscles.
  • DeepHeat Pads penetrate 20 times deeper than conventional pads.
  • DeepHeat pad keeps its heat for up to 30 minutes so you can move around, it also has a 14-foot detachable cord so you can get comfortable.


  •  Pad won’t stay in place, slipping off causing you to have to readjust constantly.
  • Other heating pads can have gaps that let heat escape.
  • Some pads don’t apply pressure to the proper area to relief the knots in the muscles.
  • Most electric coil heating pads only transfer heat to the top layer of your skin.
  • With other pads, you’re chained to the wall while using it.

For more information about the DeepHeat Far Infrared Pad Click anywhere in the picture

This is the pad that I use and I can tell you it is one of the best purchases I have ever made for relief of my back pain.


Pierre Schexneider


  1. Wow, I didn’t know the difference between infrared and UV, that is very interesting. This sounds like a really great heating pad, I would love to try one out. I have chronic back pain, do you know if this would be helpful with sciatic nerve pain? I am always looking for a way to loosen up my tight back muscles. The other issue I have had with heating pads in the past is that they can get too hot and burn me. Is that an issue with this pad? The fact that DeepHeat pentrates 20x deeper than regular pads is very impressive. Thanks for sharing your review, this definitely sounds like something I should look into further.

    • I also have sciatica and have been using the pad for about 2 months now, it has relieved my pain for about two hours or so and as for muscles that works great. It will loosen tight muscles especially when they lockup. You would need to wear a light tee shirt or place a towel between your bare skin and the stones because they do get hot. Also you can heat it up and then unplug it to move it away from the bed or put it in a chair if there is no outlet near so your not locked it to one place.  

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